Cleanings and Check-ups

At OUR FAMILY DENTISTRY we believe in preventative care. One of the easiest things you can do to ensure optimal oral health is schedule regular dental check-ups. It is recommended that you book an appointment for a cleaning and oral examination every 6 months or so. These appointments allow us to detect and treat decay, chips, and gum recession, among other things, before more invasive procedures are required. 


What to know About Our Dental Examination

Our Family Dentistry has the following procedure to ensure a thorough examination of your mouth is completed:


The cleaning process of your teeth involves removing plaque and tartar deposits. Using special dental tools the stains are removed and the teeth are polished. Fluoride can be supplied for added protection.
Take a step forward in making your oral health more hygienic by getting quality treatment for all types of dental conditions at Our Family Dentistry. We ensure quality results!

Dental Check-ups

We begin with X-ray imaging of your mouth for the purpose of evaluating overall oral condition. Imaging will help us determine overall gum health and will display any plaque deposits or tartar on the teeth. Imaging may even help you learn more about your mouth and target any specific areas of concern.

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